"Humanize cinema,
bring authenticity into stories and promote a good environment along the way. Doing art has to be a pleasure, not a pain."

I’m Sara, a Lisbon based video editor for film and all storytelling media driven.

I believe in a cinema bigger than itself where stories impact others beyond entertain. A cinema that can bring some new perspectives and generate healthy and important discussions afterwards.

I’ve studied Cinema and Multimedia Communication and, since 2011, I’ve been working as an editor specialized in fiction: TV series, documentaries, short and feature films.

The feeling when receiving new footage, to build the final story, is scary and exciting. It makes me want to discover who these people are, what they want to be, what they are facing in that moment, what do I feel through them.
I’m not just a technician, I’m not just a creative, I’m a companion in the making for the directors.